The Airing of Automotive Grievances


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  • Modern cars with zero visibility. I’m getting really tired of cars that need what should be unnecessary tech like backup cameras and proximity sensors because they have zero visibility.
  • People who don’t respect motorbikes or cyclists; cyclist and motorbikes who don’t follow the rules of the road.
  • Electronic handbrakes.
  • The U.S.’s ridiculous import laws — I really want a 22b.
  • Car Dealers trying to hold back real automotive progress (Tesla) by blocking direct sales.
  • When only the driver’s window is automatic, as if making the other windows auto will break the bank.
  • That Toyota lost the fun. What was once the maker of one of the best consumer sports cars of all time now has four different versions of the Prius…
  • Where’d the rotary engines go?
  • When the standard/manual is a paid option.
  • That everyone driving around me is texting/talking on their cellphone.
  • High door sills, I love riding with my arm resting on the sill with the window down, but I haven’t found a car in years I can do it in.
  • Overly complicated headunits with graphical user interface that look like they came from an original Gameboy.
  • Buying from a dealer. Seriously, how has no one streamlined this process. If I can one-click on Amazon I should be able to at least get out of the dealership in under an hour.
  • Superfluous crap in cars. Cameras everywhere, your car beeps like a semi truck while in reverse, the cars talking to me again.
  • sport/eco/kids onboard/your gas pedal is now worthless/your CVT is tricking you into thinking it’s a manual type settings.
  • Oversized cars. The GT-R wouldn’t need 600 horses if it wasn’t a frickin’ SUV.
  • While we are at it, what happened to the small truck segment? The Tacoma became the Tundra and the Tundra became the Hulk of trucks.
  • The loss of mechanical feeling in cars thanks to electronic steering, etc…
  • The “real” WRX after that concept they teased us with.

What are yours?